A Reflection on the Post 9/11 World

By Alex Milledge

Once a long time ago
I was a child and it didnt really make much sense
About what two buildings gone couldnt amend
A plane in a field where farmers used to tend
A hole in a building where warmakers bred
Maybe it was my child eyes that didnt apprehend
That day forward everything before then reached its end
And was replaced by something we couldnt imagine

I once played in empty lots 
A lot like children when Baghdad bombs exploded in Baghdad cars
Embracing lifelong occupation
I flew kites in open fields similar to
Where bullets cut the kite strings of afghan fighters
Drifting high to the sky
But CNN showed us something different

Did black lives matter when New Orleans was underwater
And we sent them to die like cannon fodder 
Human shields for the oil drillers
While the financiers padded their coffers
And plundered the middling sort until
Their retirement accounts were empty?

When we thought the worst was over
Hope restored and progressive change would come but slower
An anemic recovery with new warfare loomed larger
Coming in the disguise of a black president in a liberal manner
Cutting deals with the one percenters to give us our share
Mandated healthcare with a penalty too large to bear

Refugees died in a sea but no one knew where
But closed borders and set our drones to the air
Monitoring the looming threat of women and children and their menacing stare
With sproadic gun shots here and there 
A rumour of war when we saw an eagle fight the bear
An old enemy of another generstion wanting a second promising to make things fair

I wonder what would have happened if the towers remained
What the field would have yielded
If it was just a tuesday like any tuesday

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