It hasn’t even been a week

“Let’s give him a chance,” you said. “Maybe he’ll surprise you.”

Six days in, consider me not surprised. Our new president hasn’t done one single thing to make anyone’s life any better anywhere. If you’re a woman, veteran, minority, poor, immigrant, refugee, live in a city, believe in facts and science, rely on breathing air to survive, and/or are a friend of any of the above, your life is demonstrably worse today than it was a week ago (even if you don’t realize it yet).

A quick rundown, primarily via Deadspin:

Imposed a federal hiring freeze that affects thousands of open jobs at the Department of Veterans Affairs, despite the half-million veterans still waiting longer than a month for VA appointments.

Put a gag order on wide and vitally important swaths of the federal bureaucracy, choking off the public’s access to information about what its government is doing.
Reinstated the Global Gag Rule withholding foreign aid and federal funding from organizations that so much as mention abortion as part of their reproductive health or family planning services.
Ordered the diverting of resources to the construction of Trump’s insane and utterly pointless border wall project.
Begun systematically starving federally-funded research into climate change and environment science.
Made clear that the new president will not be divesting from the private business interests that compromise his relationships with multiple foreign powers.
Next up is a de facto ban on Muslims and refugees entering the country.
Threatened one of America’s largest cities with martial law.
Meanwhile, Congress appears ready to rubber-stamp into office all of Trump’s cabinet appointments, without exception a collection of obscenely unqualified stooges and lunatics chosen all but explicitly to both indicate and enact the administration’s hostility to the very concept of responsible governance.