Video games becoming a sport?

So one thing that I've noticed that’s been happening around Asia side of the world is that video games gained popularity large enough to outnumber sport fans. Of course, here in America hard core gamers are usually labeled as “nerds” or “geeks” as per stereotype. Here’s an interesting piece of information. What if I told you that in Asia, there are colleges and schools that actually teaches you how to play games? Yes that’s right you read that correctly, there are colleges in Asia that teaches you to play games.

Is the link not good enough for you? Go ahead, google it. Google league of legends for South Korea while your at it. In Asia, there are actually colleges that teach you how to play professional gaming as well as gaming careers. Earlier I mentioned that professional video games gained enough popularity to outnumber sport fans. Perhaps I exaggerated a little bit, perhaps not. In the video game documentary “Free to play”, they mention that “professional gamers are treated like rockstars”, “when the Korean football team were playing in the world cup, to motivate the Korean football team to play better, they brought in Starcraft world professional gamers so that the football team could meet their heroes.”

Just last year, probably the biggest Esport international tournament to exist so far would be the Dota 2 fourth internationals. With all the expectations and hype from International three, people poured money into the grand prize pool. People traveled from all over the world to Seatle just to watch about a hundred professional video game players compete for a total of a grand prize pool of 10 million dollars. That’s right, ten million dollars. Now that may not be a lot compared to sports out there. For example the Champion’s league in 2013/14, boxing fight between Floyd Mayweather and Saul Canelo Alvarez, and FIFA world cup 2014. But look at it this way, this Esport international tournament was not sponsored by any company. The ten million dollars were all contributed through fans and gamers alone. To add more information onto this; as someone who plays dota 2 myself. The prize pool only increases through the purchase of a Compendium and buying points to upgrade the compendium to earn cosmetics for the game. Imagine how much people out there bought this so called “compendium” in order to raise the prize pool from zero all the way to ten million dollars.

So what do you think? In my opinion, video games are viable to becoming a real sport game. It’s not about being a nerd, geek, jock, athlete, or anything. It’s not about whether the sport activity is weird.It’s about playing competitively and enjoying the activity. Here’s a video that a fan made for the internationals three.

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