Day 3 — February 22nd, 2017

Buckly uppy! This one I’m just starting at the top.

Frankly speaking, I’m pretty upset that the part in black underneath was added not today, but yesterday by Pin Fan. I’m sure I’ll get over it sooner or later. 
Sitting on 
a train 
right now
Decided …….. to bust out the journal.I’ve yet to translate the poems that were added the day before, but I look forward to those. TIme to take a break for now. (Later on in the day)
Here I am, a little older, perhaps a little better, wiser, maybe. At least I’m still able to write baut my life of what ever. It’s interesting how i sound and the phrases I end up making when I actually write as opposed to typing. I seem to have lost my (THAT’S MY DRAWING OF A TRAIN!!) 
of thought. *Gets a call from Sten and then eats some pasta. 
(Italics below are in cursive on the page)
I took a personality test à la 
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator -> ENFP. I ran to
pay rent, talked to my soon to be ex-roommate, and
made a PB&J sandwich, and I haven’t even finished
my pasta yet! so far, it’s a damn good sandwich.

Notice the:
I wish
I could… [Insert here]

(Not based on a real scene) <- I added a drawing of some peanut butter and jelly landscape as I imagined it. I’m not a drawer.

What next?!