Day FOUR — February 23rd, 2017

This one gets a little tricky… Kind of like a mirror image. I’ll just keep it in the order I wrote it, but I’d advise to start near the asterisk ;)

Here ya go:

Morin Alex ;) beginning? the at end and 
sometimes end the at start not why so perspective, of change a from
comes this Maybe about. came that how idea no have and
there be we’ll else or here, the about 
worrying start and here from go we’ll where about 
worrying cease must we that be would guess
my but question, this to answers but much
have I and narrator, humble your but am
I friends, Well, that? stop we do How there. from
go to where know don’t we sometimes but case,
my in sentence this of beginning the like much
now, the for live to try We do. I’ll
what know don’t I adventure this of end the 
by ass America Miss a have don’t I If
day. per blading of kilometers twenty about 
doing up end actually I days, These guy. rollerblade
became recently I this, of because So, whack.
of out all is chain the now and degrees
90 about bent just piece metallic some nowhere, of
out really then, but place, of out turn would
and unscrewed, become just would wheel back its 
first, At day. the in back way ride to used dad my that
bike stylish but rusted 40+y.o., a was It bike. father’s
my was it Well, broke. bike my Recently, ¡*!

Again, best of luck with this!