Waves//Currents (in slides)

A visual telling of a previously published theory

An example…

Human currents are deep and rarely shift direction. These are engrained human truths that guide our behavior as a society. However, certain human currents– such as the need to belong– have only become stronger in recent times as we’ve moved away from community based society.

Cultural currents shift quicker, but these are still things that build and become more and more true over years, not months.

Category currents are harder, because it’s difficult to think outside your specific assignment. In this instance, over the past ~5 years, alcohol advertising has shifted from using sex appeal (drink our brand to get laid) to bro appeal (drink our brand to have a great night with your best friends)

The waves that led to all of these are some out of many. It isn’t about 1+1=2, but “ok I’m seeing a bunch of numbers, maybe I should think about this through the lens of math”

Ultimately, these currents led to the brand strategy for bushmills– Bushmills Red is for wild nights with good friends and an escape from your day to day expectations.

Remember, this isn’t science. It’s surfing. I promise that if you look deeper than the ephemeral trends, you’ll already be better off than reading a trend report from behind your desk.