• Jim Myhrberg

    Jim Myhrberg

    I’m a software engineering mercenary, who plays with code, video games, and on occasion, design — http://jimeh.me/

  • Dieter D'haeyere

    Dieter D'haeyere

  • Bert Baeck

    Bert Baeck

    Serial Entrepreneur & VC. Knowledge domains: AI, ML, Data Quality, Low Code AI, Data Engineering, Big Data and IoT.

  • Clovis Wichoski

    Clovis Wichoski

  • Hugues Huygens

    Hugues Huygens


  • Ivan Kako

    Ivan Kako

  • Adelyn Zhou

    Adelyn Zhou

    Tech and marketing by day, wanderlust by life.

  • Jonas Coenen

    Jonas Coenen

    UBI & Blockchain Enthusiast, driven by Ethics & Entrepreneurship. Establisher of companies by Empowering talents, targeting Economic & Ecologic welfare.

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