Startups have occupied a good part of my life. In 2017 I decided to bet everything into starting something I believed had potential. Elisebot is that startup, and this is its story.

It’s a story filled with high highs and low lows. It’s a story of struggle and passion, despair, and helplessness. It’s the story of a great idea, a good product, a competent and diverse team that defied the typical founder profile. It’s a story of a company that almost made it so many times, only to fall flat on its face. …

How do they compare to the competition? Are they audiophile worthy? Let's examine how Sennheiser's unit aimed at the business commuter and traveler fares.


Having switched from commuting by car to commuting by train to my office, and after dealing with IEMs for a while in this setting (using the RMA RH250 and the Sennheiser IE-80), I found them far too inconvenient and uncomfortable for constant use. In addition, I usually sit in the wagon closest to the engine — a very noisy environment, making something like my Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro 250Ohm rather ineffective and inconvenient to use.

Many companies struggle with CRM adoption in the field. Managers want visibility, and sales reps complain about their obligations with the CRM hampering productivity. It is a well known problem:

  • Sales Managers, VPs of Sales and CEOs want visibility into their sales organization’s progess and individual rep performance. They want their metrics and the CRM is a great tool for that.
  • Account Executives — quota carrying sales reps that spend most of their day outside the office — don’t find filling in the CRM the best use of their time, and would rather spend that time selling.

So, management goes…

Assassin's Creed Syndicate (PS4)

Gameplay in current gen AAA action games is as stale as old bread. The introduction of RPG elements into every other genre has made games duller, switching the focus from gameplay to story. People are playing them for the cutscenes, not for the gameplay itself, which usually feels repetitive, pointless and not even fun. How did it get to this?

As a race, we humans seem to have a fundamental need to entertain ourselves. Ever since we stopped living in caves, mankind has developed ways of immersing itself into games. The earliest forms of board games were found in the…

Alex Reis

Co-Founder & CEO of

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