Empowering the Next Generation of Young Leaders

“Today I visited Mathare Foundation, a community based organization in Kenyan, co-founded by Eric Owanda one of YALI East Africa leadership participants. The organization’s main purpose is to train and create opportunities for children and youth in photography, football, and performing arts and enhance their leadership skills.

Eric Welcoming the team from YALI. (above) and Below showing the Organisation registration certificate.

Mathare Foundation was established to help disadvantaged children nurture their talents and make them engage in productive initiatives. I was impressed by the zeal to learn these children exhibited as well as their level of creativity. We were welcomed by melodious songs and later treated to a dance with accompanied with drums beats.

One of the young girls presenting a poem during our visit.

After various presentation, we introduced ourselves, the team comprised of members from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia. During her introduction Gabriella told the youngsters that she had magic glasses. She asked three of them what they wanted to be when they grew up. The mentioned that they wanted to be Teacher, Nurse and Doctor respectively. She asked them to wear her magic glasses and see themselves teaching in university, nurse in hospital and Doctor in theatre. This helped motivate the children that they can be want they want in life.

Wondwoossen, told the youngsters that he came from Ethiopia, however they found it a challenge when he asked them the direction Ethiopia was from Kenya. When I talked about Uganda, I asked them who the president of Uganda was. To my surprise one young boy surprisingly mentioned him,” Yoweri Museveni!”

Gabriella telling the children about her magic eye glasses that can see the future.

The children trying out the magic eye glasses to see the future they envision.

After an hour and a half of interacting with these children, we had to say goodbye to them. Amidst the challenges they face in the community, they remained happy and hopeful that their tomorrow will be better. We then had a light photography moment with them before saying “Bye…Bye”. An evening well spent empowering the next generation of young leaders.

If I had a blank cheque to give, I would give it towards the cause of seeing these children achieve a better future. Read More about this organisation here: http://www.matharefoundation.org/

Originally published at www.designforcharity.org on November 29, 2015.

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