Alex Nadalin
Jan 11 · 1 min read

Hey NiceRobot, nice to see you here too :)

Comments, as you mentioned, start with # (I should document them :-P).
Agree on redirection, that’s something I’ve been thinking about but haven’t been able to crack it in my head yet.

As far as the contrived Bash example goes…you’re right, I would also use $?. The problem is if we add $? in the bash example it’s going to look even more verbose, so I didn’t want to make it “unfair”. But your point makes sense, I might change the example (actually, if you send a PR I’d be happy to merge :-P).


PS. no worries about your point of criticizing the language: when it’s out there in the open, you have to be ready for criticism, I look forward to that :)

    Alex Nadalin

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    CTO at @NamshiDotCom, I like distributed systems, Golang, NodeJS, scalability, software design and µseconds. Writing :wq

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