The Biggest Wellness Center In Europe Opens In Romania Today

Well guys I have some great news for the people in Romania. Today on January 14 the biggest wellness center in Europe opens in Romania.

Therme Bucharest, as it’s called, is an exquisite modern wellness, relaxation and entertainment center. The wellness center is based on thermal waters and it’s located 20 kilometers north of Bucharest, in Balotesti.

This amazing wellness center is the biggest complex of this kind in Europe and it was the so called dream of an Austrian Group Company called A-Heat that invested $ 54.4 million in the facilities.

The Therme Bucharest project was developed by the German group Wund. This company owns another four thermal centers across Europe.

Yes! The biggest wellness center in Europe opens in Romania and it’s amazing.

How big is Therme Bucharest ?

The biggest wellness center in Europe spans over the equivalent of 37 football fields ( that is 25,000 square meters ). Therme Bucharest can host over 4,000 clients in the same time and guess what ? It’s open all year long.

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What Therme Bucharest offers to its clients ?

Here is where things go insane guys! This wellness center will feature 8 large heated pools. The water will have a constant temperature of 33 degrees Celsius..

Therme Bucharest will also feature 16 water slides ( total of 1.5 km ). 7 of them are dedicated to children, which is amazing, don’t you think ?

Therme Bucharest features more ?

Of course it does! The biggest wellness center in Romania also features themed saunas and a wave pool.

Besides that, the incredible complex will also offer the largest indoor botanical garden with 800,000 plants and 500 palm trees.

When can you go ?

The Therme Bucharest wellness center opens today! The complex will be open from 9:30 to 23:30 from Monday to Friday, and between 8:00 and 1:00 in the weekends.

What do you think about this biggest wellness center in Europe that will be open today in Bucharest ? Will you become a regular client ?

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Originally published at on January 14, 2016.