And how commuting is hurting your employees — and their productivity

Remote work is more popular than ever — but what advantages could it offer your business?

Working from home might seem like a convenient opportunity for your employees to relax and avoid traffic and overpriced sandwiches.

But there are far bigger benefits.

And smart, forward-thinking companies are already leveraging them.

Employees in America who regularly work remotely increased from 39% to 43% of the workforce between 2012 and 2016, according to Gallup.

Can digital nomads contribute to the communities they live in?

This article is a direct response to Digital Nomads Are Not the Future, by Paris Marx.

I’m a digital nomad and spend much of my year in Bali.

I spent six years in a corporate tech career, before launching my content marketing business. So I fit the privileged stereotype he’s critiquing.

From experience, most digital nomads are aware of the issues raised by Paris, regarding the inherent privilege of our lifestyle.

And most of us are keen to explore ways in which our fledgling movement can evolve and benefit and include a wider range of people.

And it already is…

Alex Napier Holland

I write sales copy for B2B SaaS brands and make music for adventure films. Clients: Adobe, Salesforce, Red Bull.

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