How To Set Up Your Mac For Focused Work
Niklas Göke

Extra ideas…

I have GSuite and therefore a separate Chrome ‘identity’ for my copywriting business, which loads with:

  • Bookmarks focused exclusively on work/productivity.
  • A black theme, to remind me it’s my ‘work’ browser.

My Gmail identity is my ‘personal’ identity and has social media and a white theme, for fun stuff. It gets closed when I need to focus.

Also, Workona is fantastic for managing and loading sets of tabs for specific tasks. I have one set for each client and also for certain tasks, eg. ‘design’ or ‘content’.

Also a big fan of using emojis for all my lists (I’m dyslexic):

💸 leads

🖍 ️design

✍️ blogging

🛠 tools

👨‍💼 competitors