Don’t worry: creative people will not stop using computers

Many tech and marketing specialists keep saying: “forget the big screen, soon everybody will be using only smartphones”. It is not accurate: creative people love their computers and need it to interact with the world. It’s not mobile first for people like us: it’s mobile too. We consume media on mobile, but we work and create on computers. I spend more time on my computer than on my phone, and there is nothing wrong with it.

You need to think about how people will see and interact with your products and ideas, but it’s silly to think that mobile should be the only priority. It’s always a case-by-case scenario. Instagram, for example, is a mobile-first product, as it should be, but it does have a desktop version to grow outside mobile. Whatsapp also offers a desktop version, making it easy to chat while we are working. I’d really hate to have to grab my phone while working, just to answer Whatsapp or Slack messages.

Think twice before adopting a mobile-only strategy, because it can backfire right on your face.

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