Say goodbye to homework meltdowns!

It’s a familiar story that I frequently hear. A child has been given some homework, following on from their week’s learning at school. They understood it at the time but now, faced with completing an assignment, they cannot remember a thing. Before long, the situation has dissolved into feelings of frustration (on all parts!), anger and tears.

So many parents feel frustration at not being able to help their child, due to changing teaching methods (particularly in mathematics) and the increased demands of the literacy curriculum. As a parent of primary aged children, I certainly don’t recall being explicitly taught grammar in the way, and at the level, that we teach it today. It is understandable, therefore, that parents these days feel helpless at times, when it comes to homework and assignments.

For this reason, Shining Stars have decided to give all online learners a fantastic new bonus — the Homework Buddy Bonus. For every 6-week block, your child can receive one bonus Homework Buddy session. This means that, in addition to their usual online learning sessions, they will receive a personalised session, guiding them through the piece of homework that has been worrying them, completely free of charge.

How much notice do I need to give you?

All we ask is that a minimum of 48 hours is given in order for the personalised session to be delivered.

What if I have already used my bonus Homework Buddy for this study block?

Don’t worry — we can still help! Homework Buddy sessions can be purchased on an ad hoc basis, at a cost of £10. Within the price, your child receives a personalised session which will reinforce their understanding of that topic, as well as guidance as to how to complete their homework.

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