Secrets Revealed: Udacity’s Grow with Google Scholarship

I recently completed Grow with Google’s Intermediate Android Developer Scholarship Challenge. You’ll be surprised by what I found.

The Knowledge Being Taught:

It was really surprising how up-to-date the information was. Android development is constantly changing from year to year. Outdated Android development tutorials and training videos plague the internet, but not at Udacity. Not only was the content up to date, but it was extensive in scope, taking the learner from a beginner level to an intermediate level through many hands-on coding activities. I would say that about 75% of the class is hands-on.

We’re not talking about Code by numbers either, after the initial training material, each lesson includes an opportunity to apply what you have learned in an actual project app that you’re building. There is very little hand-holding involved at the end of each lesson, and some solutions require the student to conduct his or her own research to figure it out. I was forced out of my comfort zone. It was a challenge, and I learned a lot for it.

The Truth About the Instructors:

Not only was the instruction well written but it was written by employees from Google! Experts who have been working on Android Development for many years. The font of knowledge flowed from the source as it were, which explains why it was so well done. It was never boring either, which is no small feat in this industry.

The Most Unexpected Thing:

The biggest surprise to me was how strong the community was. The Slack channels and forums were all very active and friendly. There were meetups and virtual meetups. The moderators, mentors, and student leaders were all very helpful. It was probably the best group of Slack channels I’ve ever been a part of. A real community.

The program was very educational and challenging. I could not recommend it more.

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