My Vegan Cornerstone — Bread

Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic

I couldn’t have imagined a vegan diet before knowing for sure I had a solid recipe for my own bread. Coming from a family where bread was the cornerstone for each meal (guess what — it’s not meat), I learned early on how to prepare rustic homemade bread to feed many souls.

My mother, an economical woman, with the ability to plan meals for four even when the budget was tight, used to make fabulous, delicious bread which I ate with her homemade jams. She would take my sister and me into the woods, collecting mushrooms, herbs and briars. We made homemade remedies from herbs collected, and very tasty but strong briar jam to eat for breakfast with tea. Thinking back now, I couldn’t wish for a better mom, a woman who inspired me to think beyond industries and commodities. She taught me how to survive and stay healthy, and she taught me to be a role model to people who surround me. She taught me discipline and kindness.

There are the few rules I follow:

Food must be healthy
Food must be simple and tasty
Food must be shared
Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic
1/2 cup barley flour / 1/2 cup buckwheat flour / 1/2 cup spelt flour / salt / 1.5 cup of water / small cube of yeast / ground flax seed / pumpkin seed / sesame seed
*Seeds are optional
1/2 čaše ječmenog brašna / 1/2 čaše heljdinog brašna / 1/2 čaše speltinog brašna / so / 1.5 casa vode / manja kocka kvasca / mleveno laneno seme / seme golice / susam
*Seme po izboru
Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic
Know how:

1.Preheat oven to 170C (most frequent mistake — very high oven temperature makes the crust hard quickly, but stays unbaked inside)

2. Pour 1/2 cup of water and one small cube of yeast into one bowl and mix well, let sit for 15 min

3. Put all dry ingredients into one bowl, add cup of water and stir

4. Combine both bowls and give a good mix, let sit for at least half an hour

5. Bake for an hour on a medium temperature


1.Zagrejati rernu na 170C (najčešća greška je visoka temperatura na kojoj hleb dobije tvrdu koru, a ostane živ u sredini)

2. Pola čaše vode sipati u jednu manju činiju i dodati kocku kvasca, promešati i ostaviti 15 min

3. Suve sastojke sjediniti, dodati čašu vode i promešati

4. Spojiti sastojke iz obe činije, promešati i ostaviti da odstoji najmanje pola sata

5. Peći sat vremena na srednjoj temperaturi

Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic
Be creative

Depending on your daily routine you can shape your bread to suit you. I usually go with regular, round, donut like bread. It’s softer and stays fresh longer. You can cut it in slices. Covered with honey while hot gives a heavenly taste.

Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic

Or you can cut it in slices, put on a plate and back in oven for more crunchy taste and hard texture. Ajvar, hummus or tofu spread compliments these little bites.

Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic
Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic

It is always good to start from the basics, because there’s nothing like freshly baked bread in the morning. My idea was to exclude wheat flour and industrial sugar products, so I found a way to stick to my daily routine in a healthier ways. It is not just a plant-based, vegan, cruelty free whatsoever diet, but a strive to heal with food. Someone said we give our energy through food, therefore we should cook with patience and joy.

Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic
For the end, let us feel grateful for all the amazing women in our lives. The ones who showed us many How’s and answered many Why’s.