Vegan Delight — Bounty

photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic
If I could only express my excitement about this recipe. You know when you have something special, or you experience something awesome and unique so you rush to your bestie or your partner to show & tell? Well, I am super euphoric to tell you about this one — Vegan Bounty

When I first discovered this recipe, I got up from bed at midnight and run into the kitchen to quickly mix all the ingredients and give it a taste. A little bit of coconut butter, some coconut protein and flour, maltex (or honey)and almond milk. What a proper taste! So let’s begin. I bet you will keep making these until the end of summer and afterwards, it is such delish! Absolute fabulousness.

Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic

First of all make sure you have the desired moulds (cookie cutter) to use for this one. In case you don’t have any, get creative and use a small glass, cup or just roll ’em into balls. As basic as it is, if you roll them in coconut afterwards, you will get amazing, energy balls. But if you want to get creative, like I did, and you have some time, stick to the layering.

Have you noticed how each time I write about food as it were a collection of components and elements to build a compound shape aka bite? It’s all about the process, and you just have to plan ahead, layer by layer, combine, and stick to basic (design) principles. One bite at the time. Atomic design at it’s finest! Because this desert has personality, it’s an organism itself.

At the very first blog post I told you how I will try to merge design and cooking. Well, this is one of those moments. As I was writing this post, I was having my coffee in a local cafeteria and by the time I was about to pay my bill, I realised my card was missing. There was no need to panic, but there was need to panic. This could easily be someone’s lucky day. I run to the bank, while on the phone with call-center, just to be told my card is safe. I could say it is up to me to take care of my own property, but there is more than that. We call it UXD — User Experience Design. By now you might assume I am talking about WHY in the first place people use products we create, and than HOW they use it.

In Serbia, if you go to an ATM, the machine will spit out money first, and then comes the card. You just grab the money you came for, and at that moment card is not needed anymore. You just moved focus from it, and you walk away. If the card was coming first, and than the money, there will be lower chance for user to forget it. Now that is some UX. And design is not just about production experience and moving pixels around. It is about us, and how we perceive and behave. The same is with cooking. See, I could tell you to just mix those ingredients into one bowl and eat, but that would not satisfy you. So I made this beautiful desert and took some pictures for your inspiration. Let’s assume you love spinach, but if you get this shapeless, greenish, sticky bowl of “matter”, unless you are really really hungry, you would skip it. So keep in mind, food is experience. Cooking is a process. Conscious eating is the goal. Let’s start!

photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic

almonds / chocolate / coconut butter / coconut protein / coconut flour / honey or sweetener of choice / 1/2 cup of plant milk of choice (po potrebi)


bademi / čokolada / kokosov puter / kokosov protein / kokos / med ili zaslađivač po izboru / 1/2 šolje biljnog mleka (po potrebi)

photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic
Know how:

1.The most important are almonds. Start with them, soak 150g raw almonds overnight with hot water. Blend prior to usage. This way almonds get sticky and firm. I discovered this as I was trying to make almond milk

2. Mix together equal amount of coconut protein and flour, ad 1/2 cup of coconut butter, and 1/2 cup of sweetener of choice, and add some plant milk of choice, if needed. I use almond or cashew milk. Press into mould or cup. This is our first layer for this desert

3. Put several spoons of grinded almonds into mould as a middle layer. This way almonds are mixing with chocolate giving recognisable taste

4. Cover up with melted chocolate

5. Freeze. Than take out 10 min before serving and let sit. Serve upside-down. Coconut taste must come first as a taste of bounty. Decorate with some fresh fruit of choice. Sour flavours might bring nice contrast in taste and texture


1.Bademi su najbitniji. Oko 150g sirovih badema preliti ključalom vodom i ostaviti da prenoći. Izblendati pre upotrebe. Na ovaj način se postiže čvrstina i lepljivost badema kao veziva. Slučajno sam otkrila pokušavajući da napravim bademovo mleko

2. Zajedno izmešati jednaku količinu kokosovog proteina i brašna, zatim dodati 1/2 čaše kokosovog putera i 1/2 meda ili zaslađivača po ukusu. Po potrebi dodati malo biljnog mleka po izboru. Ja koristim bademovo ili mleko indijskog oraha. Utisnuti u modle, ovo je prvi sloj kolača

3. Nekoliko kašika mlevenog badema utisnuti u sredinu, ovo je drugi sloj, idealna kombinacija badema i čokolade

4. Preliti istopljenom čokoladom

5. Zalediti. Pre služenja pustiti da odstoji oko 10 min na sobnoj temperaturi. Treba služiti kolač tako da je prvi sloj od kokosa, prepoznatljiv za bounty. Dekorisati svežim voćem po izboru. Kiselo voće daje odličan kontrast

The most important thing is order. Layer by layer you will build up tasty, visually unique and overall delicious summer desert, just keep playing. I just had to enhance original recipe. Maybe you enhance mine — toped with chocolate or served with ice-cream? Start designing your own one!
Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic
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