It gets frustrating really fast when trying to locate something on your computer and you just can’t seem to find it. The Windows search tool does not make things better since it takes ages to search and may still not help you out, or just find all the irrelevant stuff that you don’t need.

Lookeen is an innovative desktop search tool for the Windows computers. It is feature-packed to make the life simpler and you don’t need to mentally index everything you store on your computer. What a relief!

Lookeen has a super-fast search engine that will find anything and everything you are searching for in record time. No more waiting for search results, as soon as you are done typing, your results are already ready for you. Its amazing indexing feature ensures that you find your important data in record time.

What’s more, Lookeen can be integrated to work seamlessly with your Outlook. It can be added as a tab or part of the toolbar. This means that finding an email is just as easy and as fast as searching for a file on your desktop. You can use the desktop search to simultaneously find emails, attachments, appointment schedules, tasks, contacts and notes from your Outlook.

Lookeen helps you to automatically index all your files and share that index with other users on the network. This means that you never have to experience popups concerning indexing (like is the case with windows built in search tool). Sharing your index goes a mile in saving system resources. We all know that indexing can really take up system resources and make your computer sluggish — especially if there is a large amount of data to be indexed. With this feature, it becomes possible to embed external indexes thus eliminating the need to re-index. People over a network can then easily search through the same servers and public folders without the need to manually index the systems.

The Lookeen outlook add-in can also be integrated to work with VMware, terminal servers. It additionally supports exchange servers, public folders and external PST archives.

The installation is simple and requires only a few clicks and everything is good and set up. Search results are clearly presented, with a full preview of the results available. The keywords are highlighted to make the experience even smoother. For queries that you frequently use, you have the option to save them and reuse at a later time, and so reducing the general search time since you don’t need to type in your queries.
An extensive and powerful advanced search enables you to use complex queries to find your data. You can use wildcards and even date ranges in your queries.

In summation, Lookeen really sets the benchmark for search applications in terms of speed, feature set and user experience. It is estimated that over 25,000 organizations worldwide are using it for their search needs — and with good cause. With such a feature set, it makes it a must have even for the average person. It eliminates the need for several search applications, some of which you have to get licenses for, and in the end just don’t cut it.