There needs to be more value put into positions of people working in Social Media

Are people truly utilizing social media to its greatest potential? Absolutely not. In today’s society, as social media continues to grow, more companies are investing more time and money into their social brand, but are they investing correctly and really taking advantage of it?

In a recent time, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) was used just as a platform for friends, however, now it’s becoming necessary for businesses. Before going on my first co-op, I knew that I wanted to work in social media. Until I started working for Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia did I learn that my passion came with a lot more responsibility than I had imagined. When I worked at CSN Philly, two of the main ideas that I learned is that the company prides itself on staying credible and has become more successful from social media.

More and more companies are going to need people who have the necessary skills to connect with the average person on Twitter, Facebook, etc. And as social media continues to grow in our society, more value will be placed on that position and more training will be needed.