Chatting with the Phillies Social Media Manager

Tim Stoeckel, the Phillies Social Media Manager, was able to come to our Digital Media class this past Thursday. After working for the Phillies marketing team for a few seasons, this is his second year running the show. He was able to talk about two major social media ideas: knowing and engaging with your audience and his preparation throughout the day.

Knowing your audience and knowing what they are thinking is extremely important, he explained. Phillies fans are extremely smart people and they sure know when the team is struggling. During one of the worst losses of the season in Los Angeles, the fanbase was extremely angry. Because of the outrage, he had to think of the best ways to form a caption that would be suitable. There are always going to be people on social media who will bash the team, however, there are ways to limit the negativity.

On the positive side, two great stories he told were about a Phillies fan in Chicago and the Phillies Autism Awareness Night.

When the Phillies were playing the Cubs at Wrigley earlier in the season, a fan went to Twitter and explained how his girlfriend hid his Phillies sweatshirt. Because of this, Stoeckel took the initiative and mailed a sweatshirt out to the fan officially from the Phillies. These small moments really go a long way.

Second, another fan on Twitter asked for details concerning the Phillies Autism Awareness Night. After responding, the Phillies also took the initiative to give free tickets to the fan and his daughter for that night. Both stories are definitely great examples of how we can use social media and even customer service to its greatest potential.

The next idea that he spoke about was preparation. There is a ton of preparation needed when working in social media. He said that he schedules multiple tweets throughout the day so he is on top of everything.

However, there will be moments when he may not be prepared. Trades or signings happen all the time in baseball and you must be ready to post about major news.

When he is posting about the game on Twitter, he has pictures, gifs, and graphics ready for any moment in the game. Nobody knows what is going to happen in the game, but being prepared for all aspects is necessary.