An excellent designed website means nothing

I want to share a story with you today. We lost a client to another digital agency. I think it’s one of a very few times that I didn’t even think about it or ask myself why. I was not disappointed. Let me give you the story about this client. They are a restaurant in London, as you might know we work closely with the hospitality industry. We created a website for this restaurant because the old website is very old. The design was great, the UX (user experience) was excellent. The pictures on the website weren’t that great because they went with a cheaper photographer, it was their friend.

Going NoWhere

I told them that after the new website is launched they need to create daily content to promote their business. Without promotion we can’t sell anything. Do you agree? I told them different ideas on promoting and advertising their restaurant because they needed to increase their restaurant bookings, how bizarre isn’t? In London there are around 17,000 restaurants based on all trying to win clients and promote their restaurant.

They didn’t want to invest in creating content nor in advertising. I went for couple of meetings and tried to convince them that they need to start creating content. We (here at IQ Digital Agency) even created some content ideas for them complimentary so they can see how to create content and obviously if they need help we are here for them.

12 months down the line they had 2 tweets, 2 Facebook posts and 1 Instagram picture. One was done by me when we had our meeting and one was done the next day after our meeting. What does this shows us? No interest at all in inspiring and educating their clients about their food. No interest in putting in the work and hustle to get clients. I’m sorry but complaining that you don’t have enough clients and doing jack shit about it it’s pathetic. Get up, wake up and start working.

Without promoting our businesses we can’t go far.

The reason why they left to another digital agency is because one day their website got hacked and it was offline for couple of days. It happens very rare but sometimes it happens. Hey I admit that we make mistakes, we are not perfect but we are working everyday to become better than we were yesterday.

Their website have on average 10 visits per day. Now the question I ask is why have a great website and not promote it? Who will know that your restaurant or business exist? Nobody, just you, your employees and your 7,5 clients. The whole point of having a great website, a great blog is to create amazing content and have your social media channels were you engage with your audience. Right?

Then we wonder why businesses close every day. We read that 7 start ups made millions within 24 months (Uber, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp etc) and we expect to make millions instantly. The reality is there are 70,000 start ups that close every month.

Create amazing content

Don’t get me wrong, it’s very important to have great website and amazing user experience I just don’t see the point of having it just sitting on the web without inspiring, educating or entertaining people.

I wish them all the best with their business and I’m grateful that they trusted us to build their web presence but they have to take actions today and start producing content. They will launch their new website, add new features and make it all great but what will change in 12 months time? No really think about it. Absolutely nothing. In 1 year from now they will have the same web visits and probably lose some clients because other restaurants that work and put in the work and the effort to engage with people online will win them. End of story.

I did a video blog on the cost of doing nothing, which you can watch below:

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