Fear will pass but regret lives forever — @alexnovicov

I Wish is a phrase that a lot of people say when they describe the past, including myself.

I Wish I started my YouTube channel 5 years earlier, I Wish I implemented the things I knew in 2015 not in 2016, I Wish I tried harder to stay with my ex-partner, I Wish I changed my mentality long time ago and not now. There are a lot of things that I Wish I did in the past but I didn’t do. I think regret is the worst feeling that we can experience as human beings.

The first thing that helps me move forward and push, is that I always say that I need to stop crying about the past because it has already happened. I can’t change the past, it’s done, it’s finished. What we need to do now is focus on today and tomorrow. We have the power to change our future by doing the work today, right? If we continue thinking of what we did in the past and not move forward we will soon become 40, 50, 60 years old and say the same things that we say today; I Wish I worked harder, I Wish I attended that conference or moved to that city that I always dreamed of.

Every single day we must remind ourselves that we have one life, like really think about it, one life, we don’t have another. If you love somebody, tell him/her, if you miss somebody tell him/her. If you want to build a successful brand work harder, forget the weekends and 9–5 and #HustleLikeNeverBefore. Writing this article is a great reminder to myself and to you reading it, that we should make our decisions based on our gut feeling rather than what other people tell us to do. If we don’t, one day we will look back at our life and say to ourselves that We Wish we did the things we knew were right rather than having made our decisions based on emotion.

So let’s all remind ourselves how great we are and how lucky we are to be living in this era and take actions towards our goals. I posted a quote on Instagram last week that said:

‘’The Only Fear I Have Is Being In The Same Spot End Of The Year’’

I truly mean it, I remind myself every single day where I will be in December 2016, not in 2017 or 2020 but at the end of the year. We don’t want to live year after year and call it a life. I understand we all have different goals and priorities and our priorities change when we are 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 etc.. Regret never changes, it’s always there, it’s always deep down in our hearts and minds.

I have, and I’m sure you have too, enough regrets in my life. The only way not to have regrets is to do the right things and see where it takes us rather than creating excuses later. Excuses and negativity have no ROI (Return On Investment). At least we tried to do something rather than just Wished

I hope this article will help you or inspire to take the right actions towards your goals. I really don’t want us to become 50 years old and say the phrase We Wish because we live in a world where there are so many opportunities out there.

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