The Surprisingly Simple Thing Slack Got Wrong
Dharmesh Shah

I think the most comparable example here would be Trello. Similar user base, similar-ish use, different account structure.

They handle accounts + teams the same way you’re suggesting. And I do like Trello’s version better.

Three quick things that would improve here would be:

  1. Change propagation. One change affects all accounts.
  2. Your accounts follow you with one login. Right now, I’m logged in to a different count of teams on each of my 3 devices. Would be ideal to log in once and toggle some teams on/off (so that I don’t get notifications on some teams while on my phone, for example).
  3. Unified notifications. I could see me enjoying a “daily digest” for all teams, as opposed to one per (which I’ve ended up unsubscribing from).
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