Finding your passion and acting on it!

Isn’t it amazing that people are in their job for many years and actually hate what they do? They don’t just hate what they do, they also don’t care for the people they work with.

Every day should be a highlight for people to be able to do what they love and use their passion to have a positive impact on the people they surround themselves with. I am writing this piece to do the same, impact people to make sure they enjoy what they do. If you are not doing things you love, find them and act on it. Life is too short to just be. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make sure the days and weeks ahead of you matter. Make sure you matter.

Look in the mirror and be honest to yourself, don’t focus on the money you are making now, it is the happiness first and then the money will come automatically. If you find your passion, you will never have to work another day for the rest of your life. Don’t listen to the people who are telling you you can’t do it. If you think you can, YOU CAN! Surround yourself with people wo believe in you and people you can learn from.

It has helped me to take a step back by finding a neutral spot, a cafe, restaurant, hotel lobby or on a bench in the park. Find your spot to clear your mind and focus on yourself and your passion. I have one piece of advice for you. START! Good luck with your first steps, they are the hardest… Be honest to yourself.

You see how I am smiling? I love what I do and appreciate the opportunities given to me!