Alex Olteanu
Jun 1, 2017 · 1 min read

Thanks for the quick reply, David!

Clarifying Class Central’s purpose (free video-based courses only from universities) cleared up a lot of my doubts. I understand the need to justify the one-off with DC’s two courses, but, just to be clear, I didn’t and don’t have any problem with those courses to be listed. My only issue was with the potential inequity in the way those courses were recommended and listed.

Also, pointing out that none of freeCodeCamp’s courses is listed on Class Central was also a strong argument in favor of your impartiality.

It was important for me to clarify this because I regularly recommend Class Central to others. Also, if someone asked me to recommend some Data Science learning resources, besides recommending what I’ve tried myself, I would also inevitably mention your Medium posts.

Good look on your new job, and keep us posted on good learning practices whenever you have the time!

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