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Music and technology have always had a tumultuous relationship. An industry resistance throughout the ‘industrial’ section of musical history has led to a milieu where trends are generally set by producers and record labels. This is not an inherently negative situation for music quality, but it is one that makes true innovation in writing both rare and difficult in the mid-to-upper echelons of the industry. …

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Music in the Last Decade

The last decade has seen the biggest change in music consumption practice since we started pressing records instead of selling sheet music. In 2010, the recorded music market was dominated by digital downloads and internet piracy. iPods were still produced and popular, with listeners gleefully scrolling through the mobile mp3 libraries they had spent hours amassing at their computers as they commuted, worked or exercised. People spent hours surfing through sites looking for free-to-download versions of the latest albums and singles they wanted to add to their listening devices.

Fast forward to 2020 and the…

Alex Orr

24 year old music, events and marketing professional interested in the intersection between cultural values and music consumption practices.

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