Weekly Sprint #9

I am very pleased to say that this week’s sprint was quite successful. It was not without its challenges. The biggest issue was that of Firebase’s Google Open Authentication method for signing up and logging in. While I had managed to make it work, last week, it wasn’t long before it began malfunctioning. After the first couple tries, it would either fail to display the correct page or would cease to keep track of the currently logged in user.

In order to remedy this, I decided to greatly rework my HTML and JavaScript. I opted to create a single HTML file, rather than multiple pages. In order to create the illusion of traveling from one page to another, I used jQuery to show the appropriate HTML elements while hiding the rest. This was managed by putting all of the content of each “screen” into <div> tags with their own IDs. jQuery would then hide or show those <div> tags depending on the current authentication state.

Home ID
Session ID
State change for login
State change for logout

I was also able to properly implement the chat, as well as confine its height to my specified dimensions.

Gotta have that border-radius

As the showcase approaches, I need to prioritize the main points of my project. As such, I’m making it my primary goal for this week to create a method for allowing users to upload and display a queue of images on the review session screen.

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