A Closer Look…

It’s about that time to check back in with my friends at KUSA in Denver. It’s been a few weeks since I looked at their online presence in depth, and today I’m going to take it a step further. I follow a few of their journalists on Twitter, so I figured I’d choose one to look up on Facebook. I chose Brandon Rittiman simply because he was the first reporter I saw on my Twitter feed.

On Facebook, Brandon uses the same setup as Brett. He has one profile, where he can add friends, but also uses it as his professional page through the use of “followers”. Obviously, I’m not personal friends with Brandon, so everything I see will be his public posts for his journalist persona.

Looking through his posts, Brandon does a good job of having engaging content and teases on his posts. He focuses on politics a lot, and helps break down complex scenarios for everyone to understand better. There is a mix of him re-posting KUSA articles, and his own content.

Speaking objectively, I can say that Brandon has a pretty successful formula for his online presence. He even asks for direct questions from viewers from time to time, which helps make his page interactive.

This kind of interaction helps bridge the gap between Brandon’s official title of “journalist” and allows people to have a conversation with him about what THEY want to know.

Overall, Brandon has a very solid presence. He is engaging, which helps readers and viewers keep coming back for more, and what more could you want, right?