After 14 months, it’s time to move on from our learning startup,

“The first attempts to use technology to fix education have focused on using the Internet to distribute traditional content to a wider audience. This is good, but the Internet is a fundamentally different medium and capable of much more.

Solutions that combine the mass scale of technology with one-on-one in-person interaction are particularly interesting to us.

This may not require a ‘breakthrough’ technology in the classical sense, but at a minimum it will require very new ways of doing things.”

- Y-Combinator

The Journey

One of our early mockups for a livestreaming learning site
Shoutout to Coding Dojo fam
Marnell, our singing Teacher, once taught a livestream singing class for 8 hours straight.
Andrew teaching Web Development live to our earliest students evolves from pure livestreaming site to blending video courses & on-demand live support for $5 a week.
Helping Sofie in Denmark with her iOS bug
The moment Dom built his very first iOS app :-)
Joseph, from LearnSketchTV, pitching his design course on
Revenues earned by our top teacher

The Conclusion

One of the first times Andrew met one of our users in real life. We took a photo to commemorate but Ibrahim didn’t show up the first time so we turned on the car lights and took it again and it was a little better. We got you IB 😂

Some lessons we learned

Community & DEI @ Audius

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