How to setup & Login Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router?

Well, there is no doubt that Linksys router setup can easily be possible with the help of a smart setup wizard including the compatible web browser. The smart setup wizard does not demand any software or any CD in order to perform the Linksys wifi setup.

Therefore, in the below section we are going to share the steps to complete the setup procedure of the Linksys Wi-Fi router.

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Setup

Steps to perform the Linksys router setup using the smart setup wizard

1. The first thing, if your Linksys router contains the external antennas, then one may need to first connect the antennas to the router. Them, try to plug into any of the power source outlets. Now, switch on your router and wait for the power light indicator to blink.

2. Now, attach the Ethernet cable from the existing modem to the internet port (labeled) of your Linksys smart Wi-Fi router.

3. In the next step, connect to the secured Wi-Fi connection. To connect, one may locate the Wi-Fi credentials labeled on the bottom side of your router or you may check on the quick start guide.

4. Access a web browser and define URL in the address field. Press the Enter button. Moreover, if the user is unable to access the smart setup, then you may try it by using in the web browser’s address field.

5. However, in the window screen, mark on the checkbox “I have read and accepted the license terms for using this software”.

To proceed, click on the Next button.

6. After that, to update your router, mark on the checkbox Install the future updates automatically that allow the automatic updates. Remember that, you can only enable this option, once you access the login page. Press the enter button.

7. Put the preferred Wi-Fi name as well as the Wi-Fi password in the given field. Click Next. If one wants to use a single name for both the Network bands, then click on the Give all my Wi-Fi bands the same name.

8. Meanwhile, try to connect to the new Wi-Fi name And return back to setup and click Next.

9. In the create a new password section, you have to set a new strong and unique router password. Press the Enter button. Additionally, you may also add a hint password, if you forgot the Linksys router password.

10. Thus, the message gets displays your router is set up over the window screen. It represents that Linksys smart Wi-Fi router is successfully setup by using the smart setup wizard.

Steps To Linksys Smart wifi login

In order to login to Linksys router, before it is necessary to get access over the router’s web interface. So, the login procedure includes the following steps.

1. Take the help of any of the Wi-Fi enabled devices (computer or laptop), open the desired web browser, for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc. By clicking on the web browser’s icon.

2. Mention in the address field. Press the enter button.

3. Now, provide the Linksys smart Wi-Fi login default password in the corresponding section. Besides that, if you already changed your router login password, then try to use it instead.

4. Click on the Login button.

However, you can access the Linksys router’s web interface.

For Linksys Smart Wi-Fi, access web address then, perform the Linksys login & setup process.