It’s no heaven, just the stars; She say hello!

By Alexis Alvarado

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When i was 7 yeras old, i couldn’t understood what happens with the soul when the people die. In the church the people was saying “if you’re good the heaven will be waiting for you but in the contrast if you’re bad the devil will waiting”. One day my auntie die of cancer. In the funeral the first question was if my aunt was enough good for be in the heaven. The next days most intense question maded by my mind it was if my aunt be enough to be in the heaven. My father was destroyed by the dead of his favorite sister. And the son, Me, with a existential question.

In the tropical zones, the winters have the most beautiful nights. The clouds suddenly dissapear leaving a sensual nude night full of stars. The emotional recovery of father took a couple months and One of this nights, in the cute winter of Puerto Rico, the destiny gave me the chance that i was waiting.

In this December 23 my father look the sky. I look he to his face and shoot the bullet; Papa what happens with auntie Annie? She is in the heaven? My father just look to the the sky and say,

“It’s no heaven, just the stars and when we die our soul leave the body. The soul goes up to the sky and become a star. The same night that the auntie died a new star born in the sky, this star is auntie. Now Smile! She say hello!”

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