Note: This article is work in progress and we will update it as we develop the product further and learn more about the needs of our users.

What is the idea?

Walletguide is an app that helps you analyze your personal finances in an easy and intuitive way. With a focus on sophisticated users, it is the automated replacement for your custom personal finance spreadsheet. Walletguide enables you to get a holistic view across all your assets and therefore determines your personal, financial net worth at any point in time.

What are the unique selling points of our solution?

Get a full overview of all your assets

Our goal is to be the one central dashboard to analyze your net worth over time. We want to cover all possible asset types, from bank accounts to real estate to pensions. By looking at your net worth over time, you can see if you are saving enough for later. …

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We decided to plan the biggest change yet to our management team by looking for a COO to join quintly as soon as possible. So far it was Fred and myself running the company as founders from the first day to now. We have learned so much since we started quintly in 2010 and have gone through many different phases of the company, from good times with heavy growth to bad times with stagnation. …

Since the beginning of the year, I have been sharing more content on Twitter and LinkedIn. In many cases, I posted nearly the same content on both platforms, so I thought it’s a good idea to see how the performance differs. As of today, I have 1,086 followers on Twitter and 1,932 contacts/followers on LinkedIn. I chose the end of January to the end of February as the analysis period to make sure most of the engagement already happened.

Here is the data set that I put together in Google Sheets. Note, that for Twitter I only took into account the retweets, replies, and likes in order to have a fair comparison with the LinkedIn numbers, where only comments and likes are available. I know that the data set is not big enough for statistical analysis, but at least it gives a first impression of how the platforms perform against each other. I only included content that I posted on both platforms, knowing that this doesn’t cover the full picture. …

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I got in touch with morning routines because of reading the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod, which was recommended to me by a friend. The idea is to develop a routine that you can do everywhere and that it’s so easy to follow that there can’t be any excuses for not doing it. For me, the great thing is that once I finish my morning routine there is nothing bad that can happen in the day because I already worked on a lot of important factors in my life.

Last summer I started doing the 7-minute workout, but it was limited to my physical health. By reading the book I learned that there are great benefits if I do the same in many other areas that impact my life such as mindfulness, reading, learning, visualizing and journaling. …

For the last one and a half weeks, we have been in San Francisco and San Jose to visit some of our customers and attend the SaaStr Annual conference. SaaStr Annual is the biggest gathering of entrepreneurs and leading employees of the SaaS industry and therefore a natural place to be for us. It’s always great to learn from others who are much further in the journey and to take valuable to-dos back home. …

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When we started quintly back in 2010 we were two guys who were able to code and so after working in our own tech agency business for some years, we wanted to go after building a scalable product. I could have never imagined what I have learned 9 years later about how to grow a company and especially how to grow myself. When thinking about the different steps I made over the period, there are a few things I learned about being a good leader and not just a good builder. …

Last week we have been at the SaaStr Annual 2018 in San Francisco and to sum it up, it was awesome with lots of learnings. In terms of location the event moved to the Hilton Union Square this year to make room for even more people and it was right in the center of the city. As this was now my second SaaStr (here you can find my last years summary), it was great to see how much the SaaS ecosystem developed during 2017. Overall the general tone shifted more from a challenge-based view to providing solutions for these. …

For the last 3 days the European SaaS ecosystem found its home in Dublin for this years version of SaaStock, which is a conference purely focused on the needs and challenges of the Software-As-A-Service industry. For me personally it was the second time at the event and it was even better than last year (which was not easy). The big advantage of this format is that it has a strict focus on purely SaaS topics, so it’s really valuable and easy to take actionable insights back home. …

What I learned by talking to other SaaS entrepreneurs

SaaStr Annual 2017 was definitely one of the best SaaS conferences I have been to so far. With more than 10,000 attendees they roughly doubled the numbers from 2016. It’s great to see that such speciality conferences come up more and more as I usually get the most value if it really nails down to one specific topic. I talked with lots of people across the three days and got new inspirations from all the great talks. In this article I don’t want to repeat all the content from the talks, as a lot of summaries are already out there. I will rather focus on the things that I heard from people in the discussions I had. …

As the year just started I thought it makes sense to create a list of all the events that I’m (most probably) attending this year. If you are around, let me know. Would be great to catch up with as many people as possible. So here we go:

Feb 7–9: SaaStr Annual (San Francisco, United States)

This will be the first time for me, but I only heard good things about it. Already curious to learn a lot from more experienced SaaS founders and exchange some ideas.

Sep 6–7: Pirate Summit (Cologne, Germany)

One of the craziest startup conferences in the world and definitely a must-go. Very proud that this is happening again in our home turf Cologne. If you want to pitch your startup idea, meet other founders or investors without the typical bullshit, this is for you. …


Alexander Peiniger

Co-founder & CEO at quintly (social media analytics), Builder at Walletguide (personal finance app)

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