Sometimes I get scared I don’t remember my dad as much as I should. I was only 17 when I lost him. How could I remember all the memories I had with someone when I lost them at such a young age?

Then I think about my relationship with him.

Every Saturday morning, we would dance to Magic 92.5 or one of the many CDs in the house for hours. We had a designated dance floor. Occasionally, you could hear the sound of the blender over, say, Janet Jackson playing, and he would be making a strawberry margarita or Bloody…

Written November 2016

I don’t know how it started.

Looking back it all happened so quickly, and it almost seemed inevitable.

I met a guy, we became friends, it escalated into more. I knew it was probably a typical story, but I had never experienced that before, so how would I know?

One day amidst our usual texting conversations, I realized I was treating him like my boyfriend. Or at least how I thought I’d treat a boyfriend. It felt natural somehow.

One night he needed somewhere to stay, so I let him sleepover. (On the couch. Get your mind…

Alex Piscatelli

she/her. writer and podcaster based in san diego.

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