You’re fresh out of college, and you’re ready to change the world. You’ve been analyzing a certain industry for a while, you’ve noticed a problem, and you have a great business idea that will solve the problem you’ve observed. What now? It’s time to take the leap and start your business!

But if you’ve never started a business before, those initial first steps from “brainstorming” to “making things happen” can seem overwhelming. For first-time entrepreneurs looking for business-building clarity, here are a few resources that will be extremely helpful in bringing your innovative idea to fruition.

Establish a Digital Presence

Alex Podgurski provides an overview of great coding resources to consider.

It is no secret that the wide availability of free coursework from some of the world’s top universities has made the Internet something of a learner’s paradise in recent years. Indeed, online computer science courses currently provide aspiring software engineers and personal hobbyists with an astounding number of opportunities to hone their coding chops. Here are just a few great CS classes to take online, and why it’s never been a better time to learn how to code.

Harvard CS50
Free on Youtube and offered as a full-bore course at websites like edX, Harvard’s CS50 is one of the most popular…

In the modern-day workplace, companies and businesses must use various leverages that are available to increase their competitive advantage in the market. Technology happens to be one of the leading trends that define modern-day business operations. Leveraging technology in the workplace offers multiple benefits to different businesses.

Optimizing output
Most technological tools and advancements availed in the market today are designed to meet specific needs. Some of these needs are in line with the quest for increased production and output. …

Digital marketing is the confluence between technology and marketing. Small businesses with a great quest for market penetration should leverage the power of digital marketing strategies for them to gain a grip of the market. Your small business is no exception when it comes to the need to explore and integrate digital marketing into its day-to-day operations. Let us vividly explore why digital marketing is of the essence to your small business.

Follow the masses
Since the introduction of internet technology, social media happens to be one of the leading platforms that have attracted huge masses. Virtually everyone today who has…

Starting and running a business today is not such an easy thing. To be successful in entrepreneurship, you need more than just the capital and resources necessary to facilitate the running of your business. Your success as an entrepreneur depends on your ability to focus on five crucial areas.

Creating a proper business plan

The backbone of every new business is a comprehensively written business plan. When writing a business plan as an entrepreneur, you should focus on putting down on paper every aspect of the ideas you have in your mind. …

We live in a time where it’s possible to connect with people virtually anywhere in the world. The Internet has made it possible for just about anyone to share their voice with the world, even literally. A podcast means someone on the other side of the world can listen to you talk about a concept or topic that you’re passionate about. If you’re looking to start a podcast, here are seven tips to get you started.

Pick a passion topic

This step is the first one on the list because it’s the most important. You need to pick a topic…

Marketing forms part of every business’s standard practice. It is one of those areas that require heavy capital investment for a business to stay afloat. However, thanks to modern-day channels of marketing, your business can achieve much-needed low-cost marketing, yet realize high returns on investment. Here are the top four ways on how to market your business on a budget .

Invest in content marketing

Writing and publishing high-quality content is a great low-cost strategy that can help your business attract and retain the interest of more web users. Content marketing helps a lot with search engine optimization where the…

Malcolm Gladwell was the first to introduce the idea into the mainstream that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to become great at anything. While this specific number may have been hotly contested since then, the truth is natural talent alone will rarely carry you very far. Success at anything is far more the result of discipline and the right mindset than talent alone. Here are three steps to developing an entrepreneurial mindset that will carry you far in any endeavor.

Always look for ways to improve

Most of the world operates by the principle of “good enough” or…

Whether you’re completing a bio for your own professional website, for your company website, or for a social profile like LinkedIn, you need to keep it professional while also making it standout from others. This differentiation is particularly important if you’re currently job hunting, want to build your network, or are looking for new opportunities in general. A well-written professional bio can influence your career and the type of opportunities you find. Here are some tips to improve your professional bio and make it the best it can be.

Start with quick intro

When you start your bio, share something…

Alex Podgurski

The Founder & Director of APR Media, Alex Podgurski is a thought leader in digital marketing who serves clients in San Diego.

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