Made in NYC

- guess where this is and win a prize -

I design tech businesses and products.

My work transcends Business, Product, and Design — there’s just no separating this in my head.

I get especially amped on setting course for early-stage endeavors — I love working closely with founders to crack an idea, crystallize its proposition, and distill the f-ck out of any complexity to design business-defining experiences.

And I get a particularly twisted thrill from working on stuff without precedent and hellbent on torching rulebooks to make things better. Bring. It. On. 👊🏼

I’ve been leading teams, ventures, and stakeholder relations for nearly 15 years. I can comfortably hula between the worlds of small startups and big corporates. I believe in getting in the dirt and doing whatever it takes. I prefer small, collaborative teams. I love mentoring. I roll my eyes at anything dogmatic. I’m lousy at hand sketching and writing on whiteboards. The post-it wall thing does nothing for me. I don’t think most things are actually that complicated until humans make them unnecessarily complicated. I studied acting in my youthful years so I can easily get into the psyche of those I’m designing for. And design is at the center of everything I do.

Typical startup creation and VC models are kinda ridiculous.

Design simply must be at the core of any business idea or its experience will suck. Yet most startup and investor decks are filled with nothing but endless, mind-numbing slides of bulletpoints, comparisons, and made up projections. It’s exactly why there are so many poorly executed ideas out there in techland.

Design doesn’t ‘just happen’. There needs to be system-level thinking from the beginning. Even a basic user flow, system map, and some wireframes provides crucial visual context and speaks volumes in showing how an idea has been completely thought through.

Non-designer founders should be encouraged to find a CDO co-founder as equally if not more importantly than the infamous CTO co-founder.

And don’t even get me started on those deceptive and unfair investment models.

I advocate flipping these conventions on their heads every chance I get. There are better ways.

LA birthed me and NYC raised me.

I’ve built my entire career by pursuing interests, aligning with people I admire, and figuring shit out. I credit NYC with making possible every opportunity I’ve had and everything I’ve become.

I’m currently in London on the T1 Exceptional Talent ‘Digital Tech’ visa (very very hard to get) but will soon be moving back to NYC — it’s my first great love and my heart breaks a little more each day I’m away from it.

I’m actively aligning the right stars to dig deep and partner in something mega.

Let’s do something.

Much of what I do isn’t exactly portfolioable (or legally shareable) so if you’ve rolled up hoping to breeze through some sick Dribbble showpieces and post-its-on-a-wall pics then I’m here to disappoint — there’s much more to what I do.

But I’m happy to share some work over a meeting so we can get also to know each other. And in the meantime feel free to check my creds with anyone I’ve ever worked with (highlights below and here’s my LinkedIn for more).

So let’s just meet up. Trust me, it’ll be fun 🤙🏼

Questions? Ask.

I’ll just leave these here…


“Alex has a passion for collaborating to create meaningful work. He’s skilled in bringing visibility, order, and direction and is able to elegantly balance out his own vision with desires of the stakeholders. More importantly, he’s an honest and compassionate human being.”
Gunar Gessner // Chief Product Officer


“Alex is a rare beast. Able to switch effortlessly between highly inventive broad brush thinking and rigorous, detail-oriented design work without relying on process dogma. He knows its all about the end result — and the end result was great.”
Ben Bashford // Design Director


“Alex is a great product person. He was pivotal in defining the MVP for our mobile-learning app. His design aesthetic and attention to the ‘little big details’ ensure a well-crafted, premium output. I look forward to working him with again.”
Paul Jackson // Founder, VC


“He’s measured and pragmatic, while constantly pushing for the absolute highest quality creative output. He’s a great leader, and a great person. Anyone would be lucky to have him leading their team.”
Jodi Terwilliger // Creative Director


“Alex is a great guy and a proven digital leader. [He ran] a large and high profile strategy, design and build project like clockwork. The work is of the highest caliber and the teams and clients working with Alex are having a blast. Working with Alex feels good.”
Chris Mele // Managing Director


“Professional, Thoughtful, Organized, Artful and Exceptional. Alex is one of the most ethical and thoughtful individuals I’ve ever met. He makes everything look effortless and is fluid in his communication through the most challenging scenarios.”
Michelle Collins // Founder, Creative Director


“His approach with Clients, Partners and team members alike is about harmony and balance by establishing clear communication where ego has no place. Alex’s grounding in technology, user experience and strategy is backed by a wonderful attention to all details. He maintains a valued interest in the bigger picture and is equally invested in taking care of everyone engaged in the journey for the benefit of the whole. A true delight to collaborate with.”
Jason Prohaska // Managing Director