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1 // Experience Is Everything

I design and lead tech stuff for startups, studios, big corporates, and VCs.

My work is about getting in the dirt, distilling the f-ck out of an idea, systematically building it up, designing outcomes through its experience, and leading an arena for invention and change.

I get a particularly twisted thrill from working on stuff without precedent, especially anything hellbent on torching the rulebooks to make things better.

Bring. It. On.

I was born in LA 🏄🏽‍♂️ raised by NYC 🖤 and — for now — based in London under circumstances 👽

I’m now fully aimed at aligning the right stars to dig into something major that vibes my nuclei (product design > strategy > business) and rocks some world. Until that magic moment, it’s Freelance City.

You should want to work with me because I’ve partnered with some megatalents, lead some killer projects, and earned some sick creds.

And look — I know some people are really into portfolios, but much of what I do isn’t exactly portfolioable, and I’d usually only share my design work over a meeting anyway, so how about you first just …

LinkedIn or email me! Trust me, it’ll be fun 🤙🏼

2 // Some things people said

“Alex is a rare beast. Able to switch effortlessly between highly inventive broad brush thinking and rigorous, detail-oriented design work without relying on process dogma. He knows its all about the end result — and the end result was great.”
Ben Bashford // Head of Experience Design, POSSIBLE

“Alex is a great product person. He was pivotal in defining the MVP for our mobile-learning app. His design aesthetic and attention to the ‘little big details’ ensure a well-crafted, premium output. I look forward to working him with again.”
Paul Jackson // Partner, Pivot Venture Services

“He’s measured and pragmatic, while constantly pushing for the absolute highest quality creative output. He’s a great leader, and a great person. Anyone would be lucky to have him leading their team.”
Jodi Terwilliger // Executive Creative Director, HUSH

“Alex is a great guy and a proven digital leader. [He ran] a large and high profile strategy, design and build project like clockwork. The work is of the highest caliber and the teams and clients working with Alex are having a blast. Working with Alex feels good.”
Chris Mele // Managing Director, Stink Studios

“Professional, Thoughtful, Organized, Artful and Exceptional. Alex is one of the most ethical and thoughtful individuals I’ve ever met. He makes everything look effortless and is fluid in his communication through the most challenging scenarios.”
Michelle Collins // Creative Director, A Non Agency

“His approach with Clients, Partners and team members alike is about harmony and balance by establishing clear communication where ego has no place. Alex’s grounding in technology, user experience and strategy is backed by a wonderful attention to all details. He maintains a valued interest in the bigger picture and is equally invested in taking care of everyone engaged in the journey for the benefit of the whole. A true delight to collaborate with.”
Jason Prohaska // CEO, Your Majesty

3 // FIN

Let’s do something. LinkedIn or email me 🤙🏼