How to use engraver

1 / Unzip files. In Windows make sure the file extracted.

2 / Open Photoshop

3 / Open graver-source.psd file in the Photoshop

4 / Open Actions palette Window > Actions

5 / In the Actions tab click on “hamburger” in top right and 
select “Load Actions”

6 / find on your computer, select and open graver.atn

Actions tab now looks like this

7 / Open a file you want to engrave. (I took a photo of Jim Morrison)

8 / Place the image into the graver-source.psd artboard:

Select all (Ctrl A) and Copy (Ctrl C) than open graver-source.psd tab and paste it into the artboard (Ctrl P)

9 / Switch to the graver-source.psd artboard and make sure the image is placed into the stack. It should be on a top layer.

10 / Optionally you may change a size or position of the image:

11 / In the Actions palette select an action in the graver set, let’s say graver-Normal

…and press the start button

the action should play!

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