What should you do when life is not as you expected to be?

When I was a little boy my life was perfect or at least this is how I remember it was. I was leaving at the country side with my grandparents and I had nothing to worry about!

But when I grew up all kind of problems started to arrive in my life. I had to pass trough the divorce of my mother with my step father which was really an asshole.

I had to pass trough the shame and hardness of living with a drunk (which was my father that has return in my mother’s life).

Because of my drunk father who destroyed my self esteem I was incredible shy, naive and antisocial.

But now I am fine! Thank God! This is because of the fact that I discovered a few things that helped me to get over the harshness of live. Here is a small list:

I have put my trust in GOD

God has always helped me when I asked Him. I do not know how to explain this because there is propably nothing to be explained. You shoul try His power and you should search Him when the time in your life are not that great.

I have started to read

Another thing that saved my life was reading. I have read a lot of self help literature, I’ve read about relationships, I’ve read all kind of fictional books and those people gave me courage and inspired me to want more and to be more.

Also I realized that for any problem that you have there is a solution given by another man who has passed trough that problem.

I never quit doing sports

I love sports! And I think that everyone should make some kind of sport because it brings so many beneficial things to a person. And when life is hard you should exercise. It will make you stronger, more confident and you will have much more energy to solve your problems.

I started to write about my problems

I enjoy writing even if I know that I am not that great as a writer. I enjoy it because of the fact that it relaxes me. I also enjoy it because if you write about your problems then you can read about your problems and about your way of thinking and in the future you will make better decisions.

I have made decisions and acted based on them

When life is hard you have to make decisions and act. If you do nothing and expect that things will change your problems will grow bigger and your life will get worse. So…do not let problems to overcome you.

In the end of this story I would like to say that this is my first public one written in English and I am a little nervous because my English is not so good.

I only hope that you enjoy the message!

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