Shakespeare in the Dark

In a rare interview William Shakespeare and Milly Meep discuss our brave new world that has such Trump in it.

William Shakespeare somehow crept out of his grave to address the public response to his highly popular plays, Julius Caesar, and A Midsummer’ Night’s Dream, recently performed in New York’s Central Park.

“My first complaint doth concern the lead character in Caesar. Methinks thou hast chosen Orange Julius Caesar, or that annoying little Pizza Pizza guy.”

“Many people are concerned about the same issues, but a few are more concerned that Emperor Trump — being stabbed at the end — condones violence against public leaders.” Said Ms. Meep.

Millicent Meep, respected theatre critic, and part time Uber driver who was taking Shakespeare back to his room at the Globe Hotel and Pizza Pizza Pizzeria after the play, had the unique opportunity to engage with Shakespeare.

“Liberty” is the theme, Shakespeare replied. “Doth not your highly privileged and most rewarded subjects of thy king not comprehendth this?”

“We in America bow to no king. Just Kardashians. And Taylor Swift. And Beyonce. And NBA, NFL, And MLB. And maybe some TV shows. Plus, we are slaves to our technology. Okay. So, yeah, we have many kings. But we are grasping the thinning threads of democracy with all our might.”

“Curious!” Replied the bard. “This new technology is most Geek to me. But, please pray thee, enlighten me as to more about your leader, this Mr. Dump, or Plump, is it?”

“His name is Donald Trump, and he won fairly. Except for the voter suppression, gerrymandering. Corrupt money in politics. Political Action Committees. Citizens United.”

“What the puck!?!, woman!”

“I’m not done yet. Except for …racism, sexism, billions in free press, Russian meddling with the election, and a few other key things — Trump won fair and square. But many think he is a fraud.”

“A Fraud? Thou sayeth he not be true to his word?”

“I sayeth he not even be true to reality. He’s a con man.”

“Ohhh! So easy lies the lying head of he who wears the crown…”

“Exactly! He’s also kinda stupid. And cruel.”

“Stupid? This word doth not find meaning in my native tongue.”

“You know. Not one for thought, or wit, or intellect, understand?”

“Ah, he is a bull’s pizzle, a villaneous, spleening fool, a reeky, toad-spotted lout?”

“Yes. Is this the street for The Globe Hotel?”

“It is, yet a few more miles. Doth not this Trump have his supporters?”

“Oh yes. Some most powerful ‘lords’ control his strings and manipulate him with fawning praise, you doth understandeth? See I am speaketh in Old Engilish, y’all.”

“Yes, they come not to bury thy Little Caesar, but to praise him.”

“Precisely. You do understand.”

“I do. But thy language doth seem stunted. Why doth Trump speak with so few words, and with even less grace, or artistry?”

“Oh, you mean tweeting? We use smart phones to be dumb people.”

“Oh brave new world that has such people in’t! I see brevity is the soul of nit-wit.”

“Hey, Bill, can I call you Bill?”

“Do so, milady.”

“Hey, Billy, I know some of your work, check it out! Ahem, ‘LOOK! What light through yonder window breaks. It is the East and Juliet is the sun.’”

“Having taken heed of the warnings of modernity, I thinketh the light could be a nuclear fire-ball, bomb (?), from the East. Then, out, out, brief candle…”

“Fear-eth not Bill, Our youth — millennial activists — will win liberty once more.”

“Methinks they doth protest too much, already.”

“Well, you’re an educated guy, Bill, what do we need?”

“In your midsummer madness of discontent, I would warn thee beware the Prides of Farce.”

“What the hell does that mean, Bill?’

“Take away any dish fit for gods, and give him a taco bowl.”

“You speak in riddles, Bill.”

“Let him to be hoist on his own petard.”

“Hoist? By his own retard? You mean Eric Trump? Or Donnie Jr.?”

“No. Those venomous, idle-headed, maggot pies are Trumps of foul deformity — if thou be correct about their sire.”

“What do we do then, Bill?”

“When beggars die there are not comets seen, and they probably have poor health insurance. Therefore, become masters of your fate. The fault is not with thy superstars, but in ourselves.”

“Oh. I get it. You mean resist. We underlings unite to overthrow the tyrant. Slay him.”

“Did thou not JUST SEE my play? Zounds!! My god what fools these mortals be! Virtue is gold, not violence. In his nakedness he appears but a man. Work with that.”

“In his nakedness, the whole world doth shudder, Bill. Ewwww! Fie, and, Away you three inch fool! Isn’t that what you wrote, Bill?”

“Aye. A swollen parcel of dropsies. Yuge bombard of sack. The tartness of his face sours ripe grapes…”

“Bill, got it. Trump is unpleasant.”

“Millicent, lend me your ears, All the world is ablaze, and all the men and women — but mostly some men — are players. They have their small digits and lewd glances, and One Man, in his time grabs many parts…”

“Yeah, I hear ya, Bard-bro, We’re almost there Bill, keep it under 140 characters.”

“Perseverance keeps honor bright.”

“Right on Bill. We’ve got a resistance. Most people want peaceful, healthy, prosperous lives. Not just millennials. Women, minorities, gays, …Everyone.”

“Oppose the very tyranny and rage of him. Take up arms against a covfefe sea of troubles.”

“Hey, here’s your stop Bill, thanks for the pretty words.”

“Wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast.”

— — — — — — — END — — — — — — — — — — — — -

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