Balance in life

N.B. These are notes and ramblings from Adyashanti’s book ‘Falling into grace’. Excerpts from the book will not be distinguished from my own thoughts.

Our human birth is that of opposites. Our life is a manifestation of those opposites: there are male bodies and female ones; we breathe in, we breathe out; we sleep, we wake; we are happy, we are sad. These things are beautiful in their own right and should be appreciated and not be squandered.

The idea of a virgin birth is not about the science of a birth without sex, it is a metaphor for a birth without the coming together of opposites. The concept signifies our second birth. A new birth in our consciousness, one that is not of duality — a birth of a unified vision. A manifestation of what is beyond the pairs of opposites. The virgin birth signifies our own awakening from the ego.

If you look very closely, right now, you will see that there is something not of male or female gender, not on or off, something not definable at all. If you think about it, you’ll be back into the world of the opposites. But if you feel into it, sense into it, you will see that there is already something present, a sense that there is something which cannot be defined by words. This is the feeling of our rebirth. It is devoid of suffering, because suffering can only occur in a place where differences can be defined. This place of enlightenment is one of unity and single existence.

Being in a place without suffering can be very compelling but we should not try to transcend human experience. To be enlightened is to experience and engage in life as it really is, sometimes this is will feel good, sometimes this will feel bad. Let go of the perception of Devine and human as separate. Don’t grasp onto a belief of some better place, this is it.

As humans, we should endeavour to experience a full and varied range of emotions. To seek a constant reality like I mentioned above, one without suffering, is also one without happiness or love. It is to exist, right here right now, devoid of all feeling. To pursue a life of pure consciousness like this is no different from a life of substance addiction. In both cases you seek a different level of existence rather than accepting what is.

Everyone knows not to get stuck in hell, but not many know not to get stuck in heaven.
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