Make Recovery a Priority

I feel like I procrastinate a lot. Who doesn’t?

But when I look back at the time I’ve speant ‘procrastinating’, I realise that most of it is more like recovery – I am to tired to do chores, to brain dead to work or to hungry to exercise, and I just mong out.

This recovery time is essential for a healthy and happy mind. If you label it procastinating or laziness though, you start to associate it with a negative emotion.

My error is that I work until I burn out, and then just sit around and do nothing until my brain feels ready for the next joust.

The key is to plan your recovery time. It needs to go in the calendar or todo list just like any other action. Be strict about this. Treat it like an important meeting, nothing else should take president over it. If someone asks if you are free during a recovery block, you answer no.

The second most important aspect, is to make it ’active’ recovery.

Don’t take a 30 minute break in the middle of the day to watch Netflix.

You should be doing something that will add value to your life. Go for a walk or a run, meditate, listen to calming music or do yoga. Whatever floats your boat. The trick is to get you away from your regular work environment.

You can also have mini-recovery blocks during your longer work sprints. The pomodoro technique is a great tool for this and I try and use it when I’m programming. I won’t go into the details of it here because there is extensive information about it online.

Hopefully this post will act as a reminder to myself to schedule blocks for recovery. I think we can all get a lot more out of our recovery time too if we plan it properly. Good luck. See you tomorrow.

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