The Most Productive thing you Can do is Not do Something

Not doing a task is the least time consuming way to accomplish any task. It’s mathematically impossible to save more time. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get done. It means you do not personally do that task.

My decision to attempt to develop a realtime service using shortchanged my company six months of my time. When I decided not to do it anymore we didn’t get rid of our realtime collaboration we outsourced it to the heaven sent PubNub service.

I regret not having the foresight to push my developer ego aside and kill my homegrown service sooner. The costs of not developing other features was huge.

Moving from developer to decision maker developer comes with many pitfalls. Taking on the wrong tasks has been my most costly.

Before you attempt a task asks questions. I ask myself this.

  1. Does the task bring me closer to the long term goal of the project?
  2. Will it make my customers happier?
  3. Can I buy it?
  4. Can I use a reliable open source solution?

Having a long term vision of what your product will be is necessary. Decide what you want and make sure everything you do moves you closer to the ideal.

I prefer reliable paid products over open source because I want a team of people scrambling to maintain my service when the inevitable hiccups arise. I love and support open source but it’s hard to beat a well maintained product.

Doing less is the only way to do more. More may mean doing more with your project, but it could also mean doing more with your free time.

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