Livin’ La Vida Alexandra

by Erik Chan

Rabago spends time outdoors whenever she can. Photo by Shannon Koop.

Alexandra Rabago is a fourth-year student attending UCSB. Previously she has lived in the state of Washington, later moving to San Jose to attend community college.

Rabago initially transferred over as a Communication major but later switched to Film & Media Studies because she found that the Film & Media department was better for her future career.

She found her place within Kappa Kappa Gamma, a national sorority, where she on the Public Relations committee. She enjoys doing hot yoga and going to the beach in her spare time.

Rabago’s interests range from fictional writing to blogging. Rabago describes herself as artsy and enjoys singing, as well as creating graphic art on Photoshop.

Rabago’s ambition lies with social media. She keeps up in fashion, music and celebrity trends. She sees herself in the future living in Los Angeles, working in Public Relations.