(Premiere) Afghanistan Combat Veteran and Pop Country Artist Bree Jaxson Takes us on a Ride in New Single “Giving In”

Alex Rae
3 min readSep 20, 2021


At some point in everyone’s life, we wonder what it would be like to just get in your car and drive with no destination in mind. Afghanistan combat veteran and pop country artist Bree Jaxson, had the same thought and decided to take it and run with the idea and write a hot new country song about it!

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“Giving In” is about chasing that dream before anything else gets in the way and making that dream impossible to chase. She even goes on to say “ I ain’t gonna shift until I learn what it’s like to live.” Those are the types of lyrics that make you sit back and realize that she is ready to go out and experience the adventure and live her life to the fullest!

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With the vibe of the modern country pop sound, this is a song that you can easily jam to as you roll down the windows and let your hand feel the wind. For a lot of us, taking off and just seeing where life takes us is not an option or something that we will never actually follow through with. I found it a very important statement when Bree said “And I felt every ounce of fear and doubt…”. That just goes to show that the journey is not always going to be smooth sailing but sometimes that is a part of chasing your dreams!

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, singer-songwriter Bree Jaxson uses the hip-hop, pop and rock influences of her youth to shape her unique country sound. After graduating from a local performing arts high school, she joined the Air Force in 2010. The Afghanistan combat war veteran now holds the rank of Deputy Commander for Cyberspace Operations in the U.S. Air National Guard. Throughout her professional career, Bree has traveled the world, seeing different cultures and meeting different people. She tries to express this in her music through honest, open and relatable lyrics and life stories. Inspirations of hers include Maren Morris, Lauren Alaina, Adele and Lindsey Ell. Jaxson’s first career single, “Kryptonite,” was released in December 2018. Two years later, she signed a distribution deal with Heart Songs Records. On February 5, 2021 Bree dropped her single “Make Me Hate You” which debuted on Apple Music Country “Best New Song Playlist” and the ACM (Academy of Country Music) New Music Playlist. She will be releasing her debut EP “This is Me” in early 2021.

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