Change is Coming… J4 Releases Inspiring New Single “Changes”

Alex Rae
2 min readSep 24, 2021

Singer-songwriter J4 has delivered once again with his phenomenal new song “Changes,” which beautifully depicts someone’s journey through life. J4 has said time and time again that he strives to write lyrics that will capture the attention of the listeners and will draw them in, and the multi-instrumentalist does just that with “Changes.”

“Changes” takes listeners on a journey of the circle of life, with J4’s outstanding vocals running through the ins and outs of such a heartfelt melody. Beginning with the first stage of life, J4 describes the beauty in the innocence and curiosity of a young child. As the child grows throughout the song, the listeners do as well with J4’s gift of naturally capturing his audience. Ending with the child in their old age and taking their last breath, J4 once again gracefully brings his faith into his storytelling with the line “You finally know how angels fly”. As he concludes this warm, acoustic ballad, J4 blows his listeners away leaving them with a genre loved by all music enthusiasts, and a narrative treasured by all storytellers.

Born in Buffalo, New York, J4 moved to Nashville, Tennessee for high school. Here, he was able to gain his footing in the music industry and took on daily performances as well as beginning to co-write with others. Now, he has worked with industry legends like Jan Buckingham, John Goodwin, and James Breedwell. J4 is an upcoming artist now, but with his amount of talent when it comes to writing both lyrics and instrumentals, as well as his tangible dedication to his craft, it is clear that he is bound to become a household name.

“Changes” is almost a love song towards life, an ode to caring for those around you and living each day to its fullest potential. J4 finds himself enamored with the concept of love, sharing that “the beauty of love is that it never changes, love is everlasting.” Written from a greater outside perspective, “Changes” is a universal look at the shared feelings of growing up, watching others grow up, and losing fear as you grow old. J4 showcases his extreme talent throughout this song by creating a character and allowing listeners to get attached to them in such a short period of time, and “Changes” will be a phenomenal addition to any playlist.

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