Country Trio Kopper and Kash Release Their New Single “True Believer”

Alex Rae
2 min readJan 27, 2023
Photographer Mackenzie Ryan

Rising Country Trio Kopper and Kash’s new release, “True Believer,” is a song that encourages belief, faith and inspiration for us to lean on in an unsteady world. This song was inspired by Jeff’s son and Ava & Mia’s brother Matthew’s tragic passing in an automobile accident. The country trio wants to bring awareness to finding faith and belief in yourself when life gives you the unthinkable. Click here to listen.

When it feels like no one is believing in you, God is always believing in you.” — Ava (Kopper and Kash)

The lyrics convey the strength of love, and when paired with the vocal performances and harmonies of the group, the song leaves you with a connection and lasting impression. Kopper and Kash seek to build an emotional haven for their audiences, and this song is another addition to their inspiring discography.

Within “True Believer,” the power behind the lyrics is a sight to behold. The song emphasizes the necessity of love and how important it is to have a stable relationship. Lyrics such as “I need a true believer/Keeper of my heart, even when it’s hard.” showcase the importance of maintaining the true value of a relationship in times of peace and turmoil.

“When I heard the lyric ‘I need a true believer,’ I immediately felt gratitude for the relationship my wife and I have built together and the never-ending belief in one another. I wish this for all of my daughters.” — Jeff (Kopper and Kash)

“True Believer” displays the band’s close attention to every detail in their music. The song shows the love, passion, and tenderness that come with devotion to another person.

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