Single Review: Maddie Hogan Brings Summer Vibes to Winter with “Beautiful Temporary”

Alex Rae
2 min readDec 9, 2022

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Dedicated to her music, Maddie Hogan has been influenced from a young age. Her family consisted of creators: her mom, an artist, and her father, a musician. Maddie continues their legacy by creating her own art, through music. Maddie Hogan has released three original singles: “Heart Bruises,” “Wrong Guy” and her newest release “Beautiful Temporary”. You can listen to “Beautiful Temporary” here.

Maddie writes music that her audience can identify with, pulling from her own experiences and situations she observes from other people. Beginning in 2014, Maddie Hogan took the stage at some of the most renowned venues, like The Hard Rock Cafe, Congress Hall, and The Tower Theater. Her first taste of stardom transpired during her performance on the hit television show, American Idol where she performed Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. She continues to perform live at several wineries, private events, and restaurants, taking every opportunity given to her.

“Beautiful Temporary” is written from the perspective of an ex-lover that has since moved on. The pair see each other for the first time since the breakup, and Maddie realizes she has finally let go of those old feelings of disdain. The two have both gotten over the situation, and she truely wishes the best for them. However, she can not help but wonder if his new love will share the same fate that she did. Maddie Hogan sings, “You got a good girl/ She’s pretty and she’s caring/ Is she the one or just a/ Beautiful temporary?” Maddie Hogan speaks her truth through her music. She expresses that the core of her songs is brutal honesty, portraying every emotion she feels and never discarding her authenticity. Her sassy vibe and goodnatured questioning are infectious and cut to the core of who she is.

Maddie Hogan reveals that Beautiful Temporary was written based off of a dream. “I had a dream that I was seated next to an ex-boyfriend on a plane, and the lyrics are how the conversation went! I think this song reflects maturity in truly wishing the best for your past lover. The lyrics, ‘I’m happy for you’, is what the song is all about.”

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