Nope — I can’t agree.
Rev. Fred Denial

I don’t see why self driving cars have to be an all-or-nothing game. I love driving as well, but I wouldn’t mind if my car had a self-driving feature that I could switch on during my daily commute so that I can get some work done while I’m stuck in traffic.

As for the cost of insurance, I don’t see how anyone can conclude that it will be more expensive this early. As more people buy self driving cars, insurance companies will be able to collect more data and be able to provide a (potentially) better price. With such little data right now, they would be taking a relatively big risk by insuring a driverless vehicle where so much is unknown, compared to a regular one with decades of data and statistics. If anything, I think a driverless vehicle would be much cheaper to insure due to the removal of human error, and the addition of predictable driving behavior.

As for Uber being fucked, I think the author made some very interesting points about their technology. If car manufacturers do in fact get in to the taxi business, then I believe Uber and Lyft are completely and utterly fucked. Minus brand recognition, they currently do not have any asset that would give them an advantage over a company that can actually build it’s own fleet of vehicles and implement advanced technologies (including self-driving features). Imagine a world where anyone can pay half the price of an Uber for a self-driving Ferrari to come pick them up.

Regulators and law makers will probably complain, but that’s to be expected. Driverless vehicles aren’t going to become a thing without heavy regulations, but there’s no reason to think that these regulations will kill the industry.