The Future of Sales Looks A Whole Lot Less…Salesly
Dave Gerhardt

Good points, Dave

Could not agree more. At the same time I struggle with some of my customers, understanding their hesitation to embrace these ideas in full.

Lets take a look again at the B2B enterprise deals, especially those well into the 6 or 7 figures.

Lead times are often 12 months+ and the pre-investment required for being really helpful easily can easily switch from man-days to man-months. And the biggest risk is not being trumped by the competition, but the project being killed/delayed in advanced stage by company politics, re-organisation, key people switching company, mergers and acquisitions, economic swings, investment cuts, etc.

What’s your take in managing the risk and handling these enormous upfront investments? Zappos knows how many shoes are returned on average, but in high-stake deals, statistics are not very helpful because of black swans.


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